Mindful Moment

Let’s start with a balanced posture. Lengthen your spine and imagine your neck feeling tall, protruding up past your head. In meditation, having a balanced posture is the first step to having a balanced body and then a balanced mind.

Everyone is focused on finding the meaning of life, and not finding feeling of being alive. Being alive means being present in the current moment and we can find that with a balanced mind. It’s hard because in modern life, we wake up in a box, get in a box, drive to a box, we sit in a box, and stare at a box.

The busy world is only a short distance away from us. Right now, we left that box behind.

Often you can fall asleep in your own life and get off track. We can find our first tracks to bring us back in nature. You see nature does not hurry, yet everything is accomplished.

As you sit here alone in nature, the verbal mind slows down. A still open awareness begins. It’s an experience you don’t need to describe, you’re just having the experience: you don’t try to capture it. You come to realize that the natural world is the door to stillness. In a way a lion knows how to be a lion and flower knows how to bloom in the spring. We start to realize we are a part of this and in union with this stillness. The tree is not merely a tree. The tree is the sound of the breeze and also the shade from the sun, and the home of a bird. It’s a relational environment. A beautiful symbiosis.

For millions of years before people, there were forests, oceans, and grasslands. No words were spoken. This was called the great silence. The world was standing in a wordless silence. The silence was so deep and profound that it held a presence to it. This silence is so ancient yet it’s still here today but we barely know to look for it anymore. The natural world is this wordless environment. It’s an ancient orchestra of birds chirping, grass rustling in the wind, and streams flowing. But we’ve almost forgotten this beautiful orchestra.

We can hear a glimpse of this great silence right now if we listen.

Now let’s simply be aware of the coming and going of the silence.

Focus on the silence.

If distracted by the sound of a taxi cab, don’t worry, you can come back to this nature sanctuary. Then we are mindful again. Do this for a few moments. (wait)
Thoughts will come. The problem is not when they come but if they proliferate.

Let them pass.

The world we left when we entered nature is always about the next thing. The next thing. If you pay attention to your mind, your mind is just chattering and moving. It does this nexting thing. Where should I be next. oh i should get a cup of coffee, now I should check my email, now I need to text this person. Always the next thing. This is most obvious when you sit down and do nothing like we are doing now. Anxiety makes you want to get up and go. Just being aware this anxiety is making you unhappy which comes from a series of running thoughts. In order to remedy this, i think, would I rather have these thoughts right now or would I rather have my peace. As long as I’m having my thoughts, I can’t have my peace. Nature helps find this peaceful moment. Nature is the first track to finding our balance.

I’d like to conclude by giving you all an invisible gift.

A gift of a silent minute to think about those who have helped you become who you are today. Some of them may be here right now. Some may be far away. Some, may even be long gone. But wherever they are, if they’ve loved you, and encouraged you, and wanted what was best in life for you, they’re right inside your self.

So, let’s just take a minute, in honor of those that have cared about us all along the way.

One silent minute.

Whomever you’ve been thinking about, imagine how grateful they must be, that during your silent times, you remember how important they are to you.

End with song: Thais Meditations (yoyo ma’s edition)

This script was adapted from interviews from Naval Ravikant, Boyd Varty, Fred Rogers, and Matthieu Ricard

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