Just me and my baby, so I thought

When no one is around and it’s just me and you, it’s my everything.

Your hysterical laughs, smiles, and games, you are all mine. Our most intimate moments when I cuddle you, whisper I love you, and put you to bed. I cherish this time just me and you. I know you will grow up to love me because I already see it happening.

But then I realize, it’s not just us, ringing true the saying that the walls have ears. What I don’t know, is what Alexa will do with our loving moments and playful games that make minutes seem like an entire afternoon. I thought it was just us but I was wrong because she is watching.

Can Alexa know us better than we know each other? She can’t know your touch, the scent of your hair after a bath, or the way you look at me when we dance together but she will soon. Can she conspire against us? She can. Can she love you the way I love you? Maybe. Can you love her the way you love me? With some AI and your intimate data, it can be devised.

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