Tap Dancing with Each Step

Warren Buffett says, “choose a job where you will jump out of bed each morning or feel as if you are tap dancing to work.”

Or as Confucius says, “choose a job you love, and you will never have to work a day in your life.”

Well what if we can live our entire lives as such? I think this is rare but I see someone do this each day in all aspects of life. Who could this wise person be, following in the footsteps of two great minds, Buffett and Confucius?

That person is my 1.5 year old daughter, Ellie. She went straight from crawling to running. She never walks, unless I’m holding her hand and thus holding her back. She runs from the kitchen to the playmate. When I open the door to the apartment, she runs down the hall to the elevator to press the button. When she sees something new and exciting in the living room, she sprints there, laughing and smiling along the way. When I ask for a hug, she races into my arms.

How can she be so excited about a ball, a stuffed animal, or a magnetic block? When she arrives at the object she is intensely with it, albeit sometimes only for a few moments. Looking at the object and only the object. She feels its texture, she picks up and bangs it to hear what it sounds like, and usually licks it to see what it tastes like.

When does this fade and why? She realizes the world is exciting and we need to take it all in with our senses. Although this mentality clearly fades in adults, the impression it’s left on me remains.

If I could only approach each moment of the day with that spark, that smile, and that presence, I know I will be a happy man. That’s something I’m working on but if I fail, seeing that I have a happy child, at least I know I’ll be a happy father.

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